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Welcome to the New School of Sunglasses

ESC: Sunglasses

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Sunglasses are underrated.

They really don’t get the praise they deserve when it comes to their incredible ability to make or break any outfit. Ex: You could be wearing overalls and sneakers (read: a very casual outfit), but when you slip on a pair of square Célines, instantly, you look like the most powerful person in the world.

This, however, was not always the case (which is probably why you don’t yet, fully, appreciate them). 

While simultaneously dropping mad, up-to-date, sunglass knowledge on you, we’re also going to contrast today’s trendy styles with their less trendy counterparts of the past. (You’re going to freak when you see Britney Spears‘ utterly-’90s aviators.) Time to scroll.

Sandra Bullock had it going on. Square sunglasses, like most styles of the ‘90s, had a lot of exposed metal. They were also incredibly light-weight and thin. Nowadays, especially if they’re up to Kim Kardashian‘s standards, the more face they cover, the better—mystery is key.

ESC, Sunglasses New Vs. Old

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Mirrored sunglasses are not a new concept (Exhibit A: Cher), but what is a new concept are all the cool shapes and styles the lenses now come in. Shay Mitchell found love in a round pair, but see the shopping picks below for more variety!

Britney is just so darn cute! Her orange lens-ed aviators were really cool and hip…at one point in time. The fashion world is now onto bigger and better things like the incredibly popular Dior ‘So Real’ sunnies Olivia Palermo loves. 

ESC, Sunglasses New Vs. Old

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Sure, Renée Zellweger‘s pair are a bit sporty, but you get the idea. Again, the major difference is the size of the frames. Sienna Miller‘s sunnies also have small embellishments that take the feminine style to a cool-girl level.

Back in the day, the more color the better. Also, don’t you love how Christina Aguilera matched her outfit to her sunglasses? Cate Blanchett represents a more current version and it’s clear she wanted them to be a stand-alone statement (that all-black outfit says it all). 

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