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We Ain’t Mad At Pretty Little Liars’ Unexpected Hook Up: Our Rants and Raves

WWK, Pretty Little LiarsABC Family

Hey did you guys notice that there is a lot of TV on Tuesday nights? The Flash (also known as the love of our lives) isn’t even back yet and we’re still feeling overwhelmed. At least it’s all good TV, for the most part, especially now that Parks and Rec is momentarily back in our lives. To give you the rundown on some of tonight’s best and brightest, we formally present our very carefully thought out rants and raves.

RAVE: Pretty Little Liars: Holy out of left field hookup, Batman! Jason DiLaurentis and Ashley Marin. Hooked. Up. After some bonding at work, Jason, Ali and Spencer’s BROTHER, and Ashley, Hanna’s MOM, kissed after she made him dinner. And then proceeded to take it upstairs, with Hanna catching Jason leaving later on. We so did not see this coming and yet we SO love it. Get it, woman!

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WWK, Agent CarterABC

RAVE: Agent Carter: Few things make us happier than women on television being friends with other women, and hopefully Peggy’s relationship with Angie is turning into the best example of female friendship since Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins. With all that has happened lately (and since the beginning of time) in terms of feminism, this show and Hayley Atwell are basically a dream…so far.  

RAVE: Agent Carter: We are also very into Jarvis’ relationship with his wife. He was actually charged with treason for her. If that isn’t love, we don’t know what is. 

RANT: Agent Carter: RIP Ray Krzeminski (Kyle Bornheimer). We didn’t know you well, and you will be missed, but you would be missed more if you weren’t kind of a jerk. 

RANT: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Well, that was lame. After last week’s insanity with Brandi throwing wine in Eileen’s face and then making everyone sing a song about finger banging, tonight’s episode felt like watching paint dry. OK, that’s a bit dramatic, but we need some drama after all we really got tonight was Brandi watching LeAnn and Eddie to see if her ex-husband’s show was going to do well enough to pay her child support. 

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WWK, New GirlFOX

RAVE: New Girl: Where can we get one of those magical crystals? Every scene involving Winston’s new…thing was truly glorious. In fact, we just really like Cop Winston and everything that comes along with him.

RAVE: New Girl: This show is at its best when it remembers the one-of-a-kind relationship between Nick and Schmidt. Remember “Give you cookie got you cookie?” Tonight was no exception, especially when it came to those brilliant business ideas. More, please!

RAVE: New Girl: We want to go on Ryan’s space field trip.

RAVE/RANT: Cougar Town: Both terribly tickled and truly horrified by Laurie’s list of baby names. Boodle? Toast? Fancy? Macho? What have you done, Travis? What have you done?  

RAVE: Cougar Town: The goodbye to Bobby mixed with the birth of Laurie and Travis’ son combined with the fact that they named him Bobby plus the Ed Sheeran song playing over the whole thing? Yeah there are tears happening. We will definitely miss Bobby Cobb.

RANT: Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce: Not super in love with the whole “we had unprotected sex and I’m not on the pill” business. Please don’t let Abby be pregnant. Please. 

RAVE: The Mindy Project: Mindy Kaling is the best at guest stars. Not only did she get Lee Pace to play the guy she lost her virginity to, but she got current internet meme Chrissy Teigen to play his Mindy-hating girlfriend. Read all about it here

What did you watch tonight? Feel free to rant and rave with us in the comments!

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