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Trendsetters at Work: DRESSHIRT

Designer Marieclaire St John might look like a model herself, but, really, she just dresses them.

If you’ve ever caught yourself wondering how supermodel sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid manage to look low-key and on-point at the same time, DRESSHIRT is here to solve your woes. The brand’s owner and creative director might have set out to design a minimal goes-with-everything shirt-dress collection to fulfill her own personal style needs, but she quickly learned that her needs were closely aligned with those of the celebs. 

To learn more about DRESSHIRT (like why you need one, too), Marieclaire explains. 

What was your first job?
Technically, modeling for Speedo Kids was my first job. But that was the peak of my modeling career and I was 4 years old! The first job that contributed to my fashion career was an internship at Giorgio Armani.

How did you get into the fashion?
My parents own a fashion consultancy firm in Milan, so I was literally born into it and surrounded by it my whole life. I dipped out for a while and studied Communications, Theatre and Fine Art at USC, but fashion drew me back and I ended up at Parsons post-graduation.

What is a typical day like for you?
If I’m being good I’ll knock back an espresso and workout in the morning. If I’m being bad I’ll sleep until the last possible moment then knock back an espresso and get in the shower. After that I spend 30 minutes browsing the news and working on our social media. I think social is a very important part of a brand and a way to really reach your customer, but it can be all consuming if you let it, so I schedule it in. I walk to work through Soho, schedule meetings at the office and tackle emails first thing then I spend afternoons sketching and doing creative work.

Tell us about your office.
I like things clean and very minimal. I find my days can be quite hectic so I like my surroundings to feel calm. I’m not normally a fan of exposed brick but it is so New York: It feels right in the office and I love it. 

What’s the best part about your job?
I think it is a privilege to be able to create something new and put it out into the world. With DRESSHIRT, I envision a completely new way of people getting dressed and shopping. It’s led by the consumer and the product instead of a constructed reality.

What’s the most daring career risk you’ve ever taken?
Starting my own company.

Who are some of your career heroes?
My career heroes are SoulCycle‘s founders for being groundbreaking female entrepreneurs, Andrew Rosen for being a disrupter and succeeding at creating a new category in fashion, Keith Richards for his endurance and my dad for being the ultimate inspiration.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
“This is your moment, don’t f**k it up.”

What designs are you best known for and why do you think you do it so well?
The customized DRESSHIRT DS1. I am an athletic person and have a menswear-inspired, sporty personal style. I designed this piece for myself. A core tenant of the brand is to do something well: quality over quantity. Every shirt is made to order in our “modern atelier” and customized there too.

Tell us about why celebs love your line?
The women who love my clothes like to have a little fun and are creative. We pride ourselves on being a canvas for the creativity of the wearer – whether through embroidery, personal styling or the convertible construction features. The collection offers luxury without stiffness. Lena Dunham and Margot Robbie really get the humor and levity. I loved that they chose to put unique things on their shirts.

Who do you love to see wearing your designs?
It’s hard not to be excited when Gigi and Bella Hadid want to wear your clothes. They are the coolest of the cool girls! And within the industry, Giovanna Battaglia and Jennifer Fisher have been very supportive of the line: It’s extremely flattering.

In your opinion what fashion staples should every girl own?
A DRESSHIRT DS1, and JKT1! And a pair of YSL sneakers.

Today for lunch I had…kale salad with pickled apples and a rice crispy treat from The Smile in Soho.

The first website I log onto every day is…abchome.com because I’m fixated on a specific chair but can’t pull the trigger.

My usual Starbucks order is… grande iced coffee, black.

If I wasn’t doing this job, I would…be Jennifer Lawrence.

My favorite place to visit is…Woodstock. My family has a house in Woodstock (where I got married), and it has become a very special place to my husband and me. For being such a famous place it still has all of its charm, it is quiet and quaint and filled with amazing people.

List five things that are on your desk right now…samples of PATCH, Dior So Real Sunglasses, Pantone pens in nudes, greys and a few brights, sour gummies (a mix) and a selection of Polaroids from our latest shoot.

The book I’m reading right now is…I just started reading M Train by Patti Smith.

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