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This Indian classical version of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' theme song is the best thing …

March 16, 2015

Indian Jam Project is a collaborative platform where musicians come together to play beautiful Indo-Western adaptations of Television or movie theme songs. And their latest attempt is mind-blowing! With Tushar Lall on the keyboards, Samay Lalwani on the tabla, Sri Sandeep Mishra on the sarangi and Prathamesh Salunke playing the flute, we have to ourselves […]

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Ball Gowns, Begone! This Is Modern Cinderella Style—Plus Fairy Godmother and Evil Stepmother Looks Too

March 14, 2015

by Diana Nguyen Fri., Mar. 13, 2015 3:43 PM PDT Cinderella may be a timeless classic—but the costumes are not. Even though the latest reboot of the Disney movie features more modern styling, it’s a bit too whimsical and dramatic for us modern-day ladies. A ball gown to the bar? We think not. That said, […]

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Too lazy to go to the gym? This Baba Sehgal song will inspire you so much!

March 14, 2015

Are you fat or chubby, with unhealthy eating habits and just too lazy to go to the gym? Well worry no more, because Baba Sehgal is here to inspire you like anything! Everyone can relate to this deep and meaningful rap song because each and everyone of us makes excuses about going to the gym. […]

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Calling Uber This Weekend? You May Just Get Picked Up in a Rolls-Royce Thanks to The Royals—Get the Scoop!

March 12, 2015

Now is your chance to be treated like royalty.  From Thursday, March 12 to Sunday, March 15, Uber will pick up people in New York and Los Angeles in The Royals themed Rolls-Royces! Simply select Rolls-Royce as an option on the Uber App for your chance at this stylish ride… As seen below, Elizabeth Hurley did […]

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This musical tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy will move you more than anything else

March 3, 2015

Music is for every emotion. Whether you are happy, or sad, or anything in between. Music is therapeutic. A tribute, thus, in the form of music is what is right there at the top. It conveys those emotions that words are too puny to even feel. This tribute to Leonard Nimoy by Acoustic Labs, is […]

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Kim Kardashian — How Do I Shut this Kid Up? North’s Epic Fashion Show Meltdown

February 13, 2015

North West is NOT a fan of daddy’s new shoes … Kim Kardashian had her hands more than full when the kid went full-on Chernobyl Thursday night at a NY fashion show. The pics say it all … Kim and North were front and center at Kanye West‘s Adidas unveiling at Fashion Week … but […]

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The Bachelor Recap: We Are Immeasurably Blessed to Have This Show In Our Lives

February 10, 2015

ABC/Richard Carlson If you like bad country music and watching girls cry real hard…then tonight’s Bachelor was the Bachelor for you. Really, it was the Bachelor for everyone, a Bachelor for the ages, a Bachelor we will never forget. Gonna be totally honest, we weren’t paying the closest of attention. We spent the first hour […]

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A Day in the Life of Alicia Quarles—Yes, She Woke Up Like This

February 4, 2015

by Alicia Quarles and Karina Lopez Tue., Feb. 3, 2015 2:10 PM PST Alicia Quarles Red carpet affairs are inherently glam. The gorgeous gowns, the perfect hair, the flawless makeup…let’s get real: Even celebs don’t just wake up like that. E! News correspondent and E! Style Collective member Alicia Quarles shows us what it really […]

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People Are Pissed the Jeep Super Bowl Ad Played “This Land Is Our Land” Over Images of the World

February 1, 2015

[embedded content] Say what you will about Americans, but we have a lot of pride for our own country. But then you also have to say that some Americans hate when stuff associated with the country we love so much is combined with non-American stuff. And that is why some people on Twitter are very […]

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We Transformed This Year’s Biggest Movies Into Red Carpet Gowns—and This Is What Happened!

January 24, 2015

by Diana Nguyen Fri., Jan. 23, 2015 4:25 PM PST Another awards show, another red carpet. The 2015 People’s Choice Awards and Golden Globes already proved that jumpsuits, diamond-encrusted bling and all-white looks are having a major moment. Not to be missed, this Sunday’s SAG Awards is sure to bring a new crop of gorgeous […]

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