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Charlie Sheen — I'm HIV Positive … and I've Been Blackmailed for Millions Over It

November 17, 2015

breaking news Charlie Sheen said it directly, “I’m here to admit I’m in fact HIV positive” — and defiantly stated he would no longer fork over millions of dollars to buy silence from friends and sexual partners. Sheen spoke calmly about his diagnosis with Matt Lauer on “Today“… saying he needed to “put a stop to […]

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Terrence Howard — My Ex-Wife Blackmailed Me With Naked Pics and Videos

April 1, 2015

Terrence Howard is preparing to do battle with ex-wife Michelle … trying to put a quick end to her spousal support because she allegedly blackmailed him with pics and videos he feared would ruin his career. Sources familiar with the case tell TMZ … Terrence will likely make a formal legal claim in April, alleging […]

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