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August 2017 Horoscopes: What Does Your Sign Say About Your Style?

As summer ‘17 comes to a close, it’s time to start thinking bigger picture.

According the spiritual adviser Lisa Greenfield, this month will truly ask you, “What’s your style?” It’s beyond the clothes you wear (although they play a significant role). The Mercury Retrograde and eclipses of August will push us all to question our norm and express a new side of ourselves. For some, it’s a quiet inner shift. For others, it’s a massive tidal wave of boundary testing (hint: that bold piece you never thought you’d wear).

Acing August’s trials includes figuring out what makes you come alive and expressing your truest self. A great way to do this: Add something new to your wardrobe.

Check out horoscopes below!

Now, you’re all set up to ace August!

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