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5 Days, 5 Ways: Swap Your Jacket for a Kimono This Summer

Sun tans, sunnies, sandals…what else do you need this season?

Try the kimono on for size.

Celebs have interpreted the Japanese garment (“ki” means wear and “mono” means thing) in the trendiest ways possible.

Kim Kardashian‘s maxi-length kimono makes a pretty powerful statement. The trick here is to keep the length of a fitted skirt or dress around the same length as the robe for modern-day fashion hero vibes. Paired with one of the reality star’s noticeably neutral outfits, the beautiful print speaks for itself.

ESC: 5 Days, Camila Alves

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Whether you’re headed to a music festival or out on the town, embellished details or a fringed hem will add dimension to your oversize coat. Do as Camila Alves and pair a solid kimono with fun, bold prints to fit the season.

Who are we kidding? You’re basically going to be living in your swimsuit for the next few months. Don’t forget a lightweight kimono for all your cover-up needs. Read: an option you don’t mind getting wet, isn’t dry clean only and can match most of your beach wear attire.

Think kimonos are relegated to swimwear and trendy street-style outfits? Think again. Rita Ora shows us how to wear an Adidas iteration with athleisure…without looking like she just stumbled out of bed. The material and print matters—you can’t just wear any bathroom robe, after all. Black sunglasses will lend an edgy appeal.

Kimonos, especially the satin variety, can oftentimes work the same way as a lightweight trench. Unlike with the latter, however, don’t tie the kimono closed—let it drape on the contours of your body for a relaxed feel. Should it be a windy day, let the fabric billow to create the prettiest paparazzi photo ever. Rosie knows what we’re talking about.

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