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4 Ways to Style Your Jeans and T-Shirt Like a Girl on the Go

True or false: If you could describe yourself in one phrase, “girl on the go” pretty much sums you up.

If you’re anything like us, you’re a busy, modern woman constantly running from one engagement to the next. Your life requires you to look like you’ve got it together, but your schedule allows little time for thinking about what you’re going to wear. The solution: Keep it simple. If you invest in classic staple pieces that fit well, like a neutral white T-shirt and a pair of timeless skinny jeans, both from Target’s new brand Universal Thread, you’re off to a good start.  

Then, depending on where you’re going, all that’s left to do is complete the look with a few neutral accessories!

The Staple Pieces 

BUY IT:Universal Thread™ Women’s Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans, $ 24.99; Universal Thread™ Women’s Plus Size Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt, $ 19.99

If you’re running errands on the weekend, think practically. Lace-up sneakers are comfortable yet still chic, while an oversize hobo bag will effortlessly tote around everything you need. And if you don’t feel like doing your hair or makeup on your day off? Throw on a baseball cap and you’re good to go!

BUY IT:Universal Thread™ Purple Women’s Celeste Canvas Lace Up Sneakers, $ 19.99; Universal Thread™ Women’s Baseball Hat, $ 9.99; Universal Thread™ Women’s Campbell Hobo Crossbody Bag, $ 27.99

A backyard BBQ is casual in nature, but since you’re with family and friends, you still want to look nice without trying too hard. To keep your look comfy but not sloppy, slip on a relaxed cardigan, but dress it up slightly with a pair of daytime wedges. To finish the look, an easy-to-wear leather cross body bag is just the right size to hold your essentials.

BUY IT:Universal Thread™ Oatmeal Women’s Plus Size Cropped Open Cardigan, $ 26.99; Universal Thread™ Women’s Michelle Cork Mules, $ 32.99; Universal Thread™ Cognac Women’s Canteen Crossbody Bag, $ 21.99

Heading out for a night—or day—of live music? You can have a little more fun with your look, just don’t bring much with you. Hoop earrings are a statement accessory, so you don’t need to add much else in terms of jewelry. Avoid a clunky bag and opt for a no-fuss leather card holder instead. As for footwear, closed-toe booties are stylish, but also smart (no one wants to get trampled in a mosh pit).  

BUY IT:Universal Thread™ Double Wire Hoops Earring Set 3ct, $ 7.99; Universal Thread™ Women’s Accordion Card Case Wallet, $ 6.99; Universal Thread™ Women’s Autumn Braided Cut Out Fashion Boots, $ 34.99

If there’s ever a place to be your most pulled-together self, it’s at the office. But not to worry, your jeans and tee works perfectly here, too. All you have to do is add a few streamlined accessories, like a black belt and matching ballet flats. Lastly, elevate your look with a statement necklace and you’re ready to conquer that meeting in style.  

BUY IT:Universal Thread™ Women’s Everly Round Toe Ballet Flats, $ 12.99; Universal Thread™ Women’s Genuine Leather Jean Belt, $ 24.99; Universal Thread™ White Triangle Stones Necklace, $ 16.99

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